2013-11-09 Carl WorthAdd another dataset style: ACRE_STYLE_BARS master
2013-11-09 Carl WorthAdd a new BARS_OR_LINE style for drawing data sets.
2013-11-07 Carl WorthAdd support for a new TIMELINE style for drawing a...
2013-11-07 Carl WorthForce an identity matrix when creating a pango layout
2013-11-07 Carl WorthFix 0.0 value on axis to be 0.0.
2013-11-07 Carl Worthacre-x: Fix zooming so that zoom-in and zoom-out use...
2013-11-07 Carl Worthacre-x: Don't redraw for unrecognized keypresses.
2013-11-07 Carl WorthAdd the notion of a style for each data set.
2013-11-07 Carl WorthAdd new add_data_point_2d_named
2013-11-07 Carl WorthAdd xstrdup
2013-11-07 Carl WorthClose up some memory leaks.
2013-11-07 Carl WorthInitialize colors_size.
2013-11-07 Carl Worthacre-x: Allow Escape key to quit
2013-11-07 Carl WorthCompile with debugging symbols
2013-11-07 Carl WorthSilence pango warning if X or Y-axis label is unset.
2013-11-07 Carl WorthUpdate .gitignore
2013-11-07 Carl WorthZoom and pan a bit less with each keypress
2013-11-07 Carl WorthAdd interactive zooming and panning.
2013-11-07 Carl WorthAdd a simple X-based demo program
2013-11-07 Carl WorthDrop the "tick avoidance" code.
2013-11-07 Carl WorthDrop an unused function.
2013-11-07 Carl WorthUse cairo_clip to trim out any out-of-view data
2013-11-07 Carl WorthAllow zooming in or out by setting ranges of data to...
2013-11-06 Carl WorthKeep track of data ranges as data is added
2013-11-06 Carl WorthAdd necessary -lm flag to link command
2009-04-16 Carl WorthUse CIE L*a*b colors instead of HSV
2009-04-16 Carl WorthChange acre-test to have 3 dataset lines instead of 1.
2009-04-16 Carl WorthSelect N colors from HSV color space.
2009-04-16 Carl WorthAdd a simple legend
2009-04-16 Carl WorthAdd some distinguishing colors for the datasets
2009-04-16 Carl WorthShrink title font size a bit.
2009-04-16 Carl WorthFix rounding when deciding between major and minor...
2009-04-16 Carl WorthAdjust axis ranges so data doesn't collide with ticks.
2009-04-16 Carl WorthUse 4 minor divisions instead of 5 for major steps...
2009-04-16 Carl WorthFix pixel snapping for minor ticks
2009-04-16 Carl WorthAdd minor ticks
2009-04-16 Carl WorthRemove code duplication for X and Y ticks
2009-04-16 Carl WorthAccount for space between tick values and frames
2009-04-16 Carl WorthChange test data to go all the way to 100
2009-04-16 Carl WorthLeave sufficient space for Y-axis value labels
2009-04-16 Carl WorthAdd function to create a pango layout with a printf...
2009-04-16 Carl WorthAdd code to cleanup PangoLayout objects when done with...
2009-04-16 Carl WorthAdd some value labels next to the ticks.
2009-04-16 Carl WorthEliminate some code duplication in the tick adjustment...
2009-04-16 Carl WorthFinish adjustment of tick positions for pixel-snapping.
2009-04-16 Carl WorthCleverly adjust axis ranges for integer tick spacing.
2009-04-16 Carl WorthRemove bogus 0.5 offset when setting up data transform.
2009-04-16 Carl WorthDraw major ticks along the X and Y axes.
2009-04-16 Carl WorthAdd preliminary data plotting.
2009-04-16 Carl WorthPut frame and ticks into its own function as well.
2009-04-16 Carl WorthSplit drawing of title and labels into its own function.
2009-04-16 Carl WorthDraw title and axis labels with pango
2009-04-16 Carl WorthAdd preliminary implementation of acre
2009-04-16 Carl WorthCreate README file