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d3d10.1 sample.
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2012-03-17 José FonsecaMake it easier to add more tests.
2011-12-11 José FonsecaCheck tri state.
2011-12-04 José FonsecaCheck against reference images/state.
2011-11-25 José FonsecaAdd egl apps.
2011-11-24 José FonsecaRemove the old test suite.
2011-10-31 José FonsecaTest on Windows.
2011-10-27 José FonsecaBasic automation with CTest.
2011-10-16 José FonsecaStart compiling apps for regression testing.
2011-06-08 José FonsecaIgnore results.
2011-05-16 José FonsecaBeginning of a test suite for apitrace, based on Mesa...