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Test single/double buffering.
[apitrace-tests] / apps / gl / CMakeLists.txt
2011-12-11 José FonsecaTest single/double buffering.
2011-12-07 José FonsecaTest default state first.
2011-12-05 José FonsecaSplit default state checking into a separate test.
2011-11-25 José FonsecaAutomate egl_tri test.
2011-11-25 José FonsecaSpecify the api to trace.
2011-11-04 José FonsecaTest varray variants.
2011-10-31 José FonsecaTest on Windows.
2011-10-31 José FonsecaAdd vertex array case.
2011-10-30 José FonsecaTest for GREMEDY support.
2011-10-27 José FonsecaBasic automation with CTest.
2011-10-16 José FonsecaStart compiling apps for regression testing.