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cli: Use python differ. Fix failures.
[apitrace-tests] / cli_driver.py
2012-12-06 José Fonsecacli: Use python differ. Fix failures.
2012-12-04 José Fonsecacli: Use difflib to compare expected vs output.
2012-12-01 Carl Worthcli_driver: Rework driver script to preserve json-embed...
2012-12-01 Carl WorthPrint commands to be executed by cli_driver.py
2012-12-01 Carl WorthAdd some comments to the recently-added cli tests.
2012-12-01 Carl WorthAdd a test that "apitrace diff-images" flags mismatchin...
2012-12-01 Carl WorthAdd a new 'cli' subdirectory for higher-level testing...