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Adjust for external bugs in reference state.
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2011-12-09 José FonsecaAdjust for external bugs in reference state.
2011-12-09 José FonsecaWindows portability fixes.
2011-12-07 José FonsecaAdd tweaks/comments to default.ref.json
2011-12-07 José FonsecaSearch images in more framebuffer attachments.
2011-12-05 José FonsecaDetect doublebuffered visuals on Mac OS X.
2011-12-04 José FonsecaCheck against reference images/state.
2011-12-04 José FonsecaTest trace files too.
2011-12-03 José FonsecaDo a trial (e)gltrace run as part of the test.
2011-12-02 José FonsecaDistinguish better egl tests from others.
2011-11-25 José FonsecaAutomate gles tests.
2011-11-25 José FonsecaSpecify the api to trace.
2011-11-04 José FonsecaTest varray variants.
2011-11-03 José FonsecaUpdate for 'apitrace trace'
2011-10-31 José Fonsecas/tracedump/apitrace dump/
2011-10-31 José FonsecaTest on Windows.
2011-10-30 José FonsecaTest for GREMEDY support.
2011-10-29 José FonsecaEnsure trace are cleaned up.
2011-10-29 José FonsecaCleanup test driver.
2011-10-27 José FonsecaBasic automation with CTest.