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Propagate apitrace trace error codes.
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2012-05-09 José FonsecaAllow to build samples without apitrace source tree.
2012-05-03 José FonsecaSimple D3D9 app.
2012-03-17 José FonsecaAdd .gitignore.
2012-03-17 José FonsecaTest callsets.
2012-03-17 José FonsecaDump verbosely.
2012-03-17 José FonsecaMake it easier to add more tests.
2012-03-17 José FonsecaSplit the driver code.
2012-03-02 José FonsecaUse abs paths for traces.
2011-12-04 José FonsecaAdd forgetten reference file.
2011-12-04 José FonsecaTest trace files too.
2011-11-05 José FonsecaAdd trace with incomplete call.
2011-10-16 José FonsecaStart compiling traces for regression testing.