2020-04-24 Carl WorthImplement automatic pass (when there is no legal move... master
2020-04-24 Carl WorthClean up some errant trailing whitespace.
2020-04-24 Carl WorthAdd a new dvonn_board_cell_owned_by function
2020-04-24 Carl WorthFix compilation by putting libraries late on the comman...
2020-04-24 Carl WorthExplicitly link against math library
2009-03-07 Carl WorthAdd simple text indicating whose turn it is to place...
2009-03-05 Carl WorthAdd several TODO items
2009-03-05 Carl WorthDon't let one player place the opponent's pieces
2009-03-05 Carl WorthAdd support for dual-display mode
2009-03-05 Carl WorthRemove useless linking against loudmouth
2009-03-05 Carl WorthEliminate stacks disconnected from red DVONN pieces
2009-03-05 Carl WorthImplement right-click for pass
2009-03-05 Carl WorthEnforce legal moves
2009-03-05 Carl WorthAdd visual indication for non-red stacks containing...
2009-03-05 Carl WorthAdd display of stack height and implement movement
2009-03-05 Carl WorthAdd visual indication of selected stack
2009-03-05 Carl WorthImplement placement phase of game
2009-03-05 Carl WorthRemove vestiges of loa in favor of dvonn
2009-03-05 Carl WorthAdd simplistic button-press handling
2009-03-04 Carl WorthFix vertical spacing of the board
2009-03-04 Carl WorthInitial import of DVONN game