2006-01-14 Carl Worth <cworth@cworth.org>
[ttt] / src / test-board.c
2006-01-14 Carl Worth2006-01-14 Carl Worth <cworth@cworth.org>
2006-01-14 Kevin WorthAdd kub program
2005-12-16 Kevin WorthPrevented random memory corruption and other cleanup
2005-12-15 Kevin WorthKevin learning C maintenance
2005-12-15 Kevin WorthImplemented Cat's Game
2005-12-15 Kevin WorthGeneral Maintenance
2005-12-15 Kevin WorthBeautified _board_is_won and test_board.c now quits...
2005-12-14 Kevin WorthSecond draft attempt at ttt_board_is_won
2005-12-13 Kevin WorthCorrected typos in ttt_board_is_won
2005-12-13 Kevin WorthFirst draft attempt at ttt_board_is_won
2005-12-13 Carl Worth2005-12-13 Carl Worth <cworth@cworth.org>
2005-12-12 Kevin WorthLooped test-board.c to play a full board of X's
2005-12-09 Kevin WorthMoved ttt_board_make_move to ttt-board.c with comment...
2005-12-09 Kevin WorthFixed board print bug
2005-12-09 Kevin WorthAdded ttt_board_make_move
2005-11-28 Kevin Worth2005-11-28 Kevin Worth <kevin@theworths.org>