Add Robert Haight as another solver
[] / ikiwiki.setup
2014-11-26 Carl WorthAnother instance of /home/srv instead of /srv
2014-11-26 Carl WorthDon't point to a symlink (/home/srv instead of /srv)
2008-05-22 Carl WorthEnable rawhtml plugin
2007-12-24 Carl WorthUse upstream pagetemplate plugin instead of locally...
2007-07-11 Carl WorthDisable the htmlscrubber plugin
2007-06-15 Carl WorthUpdate ikiwiki.setup according to latest model in ikiwi...
2007-06-01 Carl WorthComment out verbose setting so it can be overridden...
2007-05-23 Carl WorthGive the wiki a less redundant name
2007-05-23 Carl WorthEnable goodstuff plugin for sake of tag (and disable...
2007-05-23 Carl WorthDisable ikiwiki-based email notification of changes.
2007-05-22 Carl WorthAdd templates to revision control, and configure to...
2007-05-22 Carl WorthTurn on the basic git functionality
2007-05-22 Carl WorthConfigure settings
2007-05-22 Carl WorthPrune all non-git RCS stuff
2007-05-22 Carl WorthInitial commit of ikiwiki.setup