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Add Robert Haight as another solver
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2008-07-15 Carl WorthNote that I work for Intel now, and use cworth@cworth...
2008-07-15 Carl WorthAdd a self-link to make feedvalidator.org happy
2008-07-15 Carl WorthAdd trailing slash to dcterms namespace declaration
2008-07-15 Carl WorthAdd dcterms namespace so rss feed will validate again
2008-05-22 Carl WorthUpdate feed templates from ikiwiki distribution
2008-02-13 Carl WorthRemove RecentChanges links which seem to have appeared...
2007-12-24 Carl WorthUse upstream pagetemplate plugin instead of locally...
2007-06-21 Carl WorthAdd email address to bottom of each page for comments.
2007-06-01 Carl WorthRevert "Suck the title h1 up into the header div"
2007-06-01 Carl WorthSuck the title h1 up into the header div
2007-05-30 Carl WorthAdd a couple more type="html" attributes to elements...
2007-05-30 Carl WorthRemove HTML escaping from RSS title
2007-05-30 Carl WorthDrop type="html" from rss elements
2007-05-30 Carl WorthAdd type="html" to elements that use HTML escaping
2007-05-30 Carl WorthAdd the word "Subscribe" to RSS and Atom buttons
2007-05-29 Carl WorthChange page title to be an h1 rather than an unclassed...
2007-05-29 Carl Worthse meta plugin for titles instead of just h1 tags
2007-05-23 Carl WorthDrop title from header
2007-05-23 Carl WorthAdd copyright notice giving permission for verbatim...
2007-05-23 Carl WorthAdd banner image to page template with matching favicon
2007-05-23 Carl WorthRemove parentlinks and banklinks from page template.
2007-05-22 Carl WorthAdd templates to revision control, and configure to...