descriptionA simple program to monitor the performance of OpenGL applications.
ownerCarl Worth
last changeMon, 15 Sep 2014 22:35:37 +0000 (15:35 -0700)
2014-09-15 Mark JanesAdd explicit link to libpthread, to work around debuggi... master
2014-09-15 Mark JanesFix compilation warning on uninitialized variable.
2014-08-19 Mark JanesRe-enable termination message at exit.
2014-08-19 Mark JanesFix compilation due to changed signature of glClearName...
2014-03-20 Matt TurnerSearch for proper name of AMD_performance_monitor.
2013-11-09 Carl WorthRemove unused parameter from RESTORE_METRICS_OP macro.
2013-11-08 Carl WorthAllow fips to compile with OpenGL without GLfixed
2013-11-04 Carl WorthFix fips to work even without the AMD_performance_monit...
2013-11-04 Carl Worthdispatch: Add support for glGetIntegerv, glGetString...
2013-11-04 Carl WorthFix to still print metrics when there are no per-stage...
2013-11-04 Carl WorthMake definition of context_t private to context.c
2013-11-04 Carl WorthRemove the context_get_current function
2013-11-04 Carl WorthAdd a pointer to metrics_info_t from metrics_t
2013-11-04 Carl Worthmetrics: Move the create/fini/destroy functions to...
2013-11-04 Carl WorthHide the metrics_t data structure in metrics.c
2013-11-04 Carl WorthPush oustanding-counter data down from context.c into...
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