2010-04-18 Kevin WorthPut tiles back in player's hand(in_hand = 1) when turn... master
2010-04-18 Kevin WorthSave state at start of game
2010-04-17 Kevin WorthMove tile 'out of hand' and onto the board area
2010-04-17 Kevin WorthDraw top tile from deck and put it incurrent player...
2010-04-13 Kevin WorthSeg Fault bug and compiler warning fixes
2010-04-13 Kevin WorthShow Carl the latest
2010-03-28 Kevin WorthClean up whitespace
2010-03-12 Kevin WorthSave state and Restore state
2009-08-08 Kevin WorthMake game.current_tile a pointer of type tile_t rather...
2009-07-18 Kevin WorthNeatly rearrange tile group after selected.
2009-07-07 Kevin WorthDraw tiles owned by player in a way which differentiate...
2009-07-04 Kevin WorthHighlight and un-highlight tiles as they are selected...
2009-07-03 Kevin WorthAllow selection of tile by including any edge of tile...
2009-06-30 Kevin WorthHighlight tile when clicked and/or dragged.
2009-06-15 Kevin WorthAllow selection of a tile by including any corner
2009-06-12 Kevin WorthFix tile dragging
2009-06-07 Kevin WorthAdd "select_mode" to determine if "selection_box.visibl...
2009-06-07 Kevin WorthDraw a rectangle to clearly show which tiles are being...
2009-05-29 Kevin WorthFinal commit to fix indentation with mixed tabs and...
2009-05-28 Kevin WorthFirst attempt to fix indenting to mix of tabs and spaces
2009-05-07 Kevin WorthSmall update to kub_todo.txt
2009-05-07 Kevin WorthFix tile_group_is_set
2009-05-07 Kevin WorthFix tile group validation functions
2009-05-06 Kevin WorthClick-n-drag to select multiple tiles
2009-05-06 Kevin WorthAdd first version of kub_todo.txt into repository
2009-05-05 Kevin WorthFid indents broken from in previous commit(tabs now...
2009-05-05 Kevin WorthDraw 2 digit numbers *closer* to center of tile
2007-03-15 Carl WorthUse the expose event's region to avoid drawing tiles...
2007-03-15 Kevin WorthDeal in players and draw tiles for player 1(players[0])
2007-03-14 Kevin WorthKeep cursor on original spot(of tile) clicked while...
2007-03-14 Kevin WorthFix tile dragging(no tile dragged when blank area clicked)
2007-03-14 Kevin WorthFix bug causing garbage lines
2007-03-14 Kevin WorthCommit to undo changes from previous commit
2007-03-14 Kevin WorthFixed bug so that when no tile is clicked, no tile...
2007-03-14 Carl WorthMove tile movement/redraw code from on_button_press_eve...
2007-03-14 Carl WorthFix typo (should be motion_notify_event, not button_mot...
2007-03-13 Kevin WorthAttempt at dragging tiles(compiles, but no dragging)
2007-03-06 Kevin WorthCreated deck_spread which gives x, y values to tiles...
2007-03-06 Kevin WorthRevised deck_draw by removing obsolete for loops(now...
2007-03-01 Carl WorthUse mouse clicks to position tiles one by one.
2007-03-01 Carl WorthMove tile dimensions as #defines into kub.c
2007-03-01 Carl WorthGive each tile its own position and use it to draw...
2007-03-01 Carl WorthBreakout new tile_init function from deck_init
2007-03-01 Carl WorthMerge branch 'master' of kevin:kub
2007-03-01 Carl WorthRename card to tile
2007-02-21 Kevin WorthRealized value for TILE_SUN_Y_OFFSET was missing from...
2007-02-21 Kevin WorthCompleted tiledimensions.txt with missing values
2007-02-20 Kevin WorthAdded tiledimensions.txt to document tile size constants
2007-02-20 Carl WorthDraw tiles as 1-13 instead of 0-12
2007-02-20 Carl WorthFix card_draw for multi-digit tiles.
2007-02-20 Kevin WorthFixed deck_draw, though still have bugs in card_draw
2007-02-20 Kevin WorthStarted deck_draw, currently full of errors
2007-02-20 Carl WorthTemporarily add -Wno-unused-function
2007-02-20 Carl WorthFix signature of card_compare to make qsort happy
2007-02-20 Carl WorthFix compilation errors (& confusion)
2007-02-20 Kevin WorthAttempt at card_draw function, probably full of errors :)
2007-02-14 Kevin WorthResized blanktile now drawn in corner
2007-02-14 Carl WorthAdd comments about the various parts of the sun
2007-02-14 Carl WorthAdd tile and sun id attributes
2007-02-14 Carl WorthMove duplicated style attributes to enclosing group
2007-02-14 Carl WorthStrip out most of the inkscape-specfic cruft from blank...
2007-02-14 Carl WorthDraw blanktile.svg instead of red6.svg so that numbers...
2007-02-14 Carl WorthAdd very basic usage of librsvg to draw a red tile.
2007-02-14 Carl WorthAdd some cairo drawing (just a solid, red rectangle)
2007-02-14 Carl WorthMerge branch 'master' of kevin:kub
2007-02-14 Carl WorthDocument internals (and bug!) of card_group_is_run
2007-02-14 Carl WorthAdd kub binary to .gitignore
2007-01-29 Kevin WorthOne final(hopefully) fix to qsort
2007-01-29 Kevin WorthRemoved extra card_compare
2007-01-29 Kevin WorthCouple of attempts to fix qsort, per Carl's suggestions.
2007-01-29 Kevin WorthAttempt at implementing qsort into card_group_is_run
2007-01-29 Carl WorthImplement card_group_is_run with one loop instead of...
2007-01-29 Carl WorthUse subraction to implement card_compare
2007-01-29 Kevin WorthFixed card_group_is_run to include last card in number...
2007-01-29 Carl WorthRemove duplicate definition of card_group_is_run
2007-01-29 Carl WorthAdd unconditional return value to card_compare
2007-01-29 Carl WorthFix syntax errors in card_compare
2007-01-29 Carl WorthAdd some minimal GTK+ love to kub
2007-01-27 Kevin WorthAdded beginnings of card_compare and added to card_grou...
2007-01-27 Kevin WorthNew svg files of Kevin's Kub tiles
2007-01-27 Kevin WorthKub can now _reliably_ shuffle deck and deal in 1-4...
2007-01-27 Kevin WorthMinor fixes to kub
2007-01-27 Kevin WorthCompleted _is_set and _is_run but still lacking debuggi...
2007-01-27 Kevin WorthFixed kub to print deck better(still not perfect)
2007-01-27 Kevin WorthKub compiles with no errors but still plenty of bugs
2007-01-27 Carl WorthAdd .gitignore file
2007-01-27 Carl WorthAdd simple Makefile
2007-01-27 Kevin WorthAdd kub program