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Makefile: Add support to use babel to compile React code using JSX
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2020-05-24 Carl WorthClose out li and ul tags
2020-05-23 Kevin WorthMerge branch 'flempires-repo-merge'
2020-05-19 Carl WorthAdd the standard viewport element
2020-05-19 Carl WorthAdd a link from the top-level page to the static page...
2020-05-17 Carl WorthMerge in empires-html client
2020-05-17 Carl WorthPoint to various favicon resources in the <head> of...
2020-05-17 Carl WorthAdd simple JavaScript processing of game ID form submission
2020-05-16 Carl WorthRefine the Game ID input field
2020-05-16 Carl WorthAdd some responsive layout for the page itself
2020-05-16 Carl WorthAdd a simple form for joining a game
2020-05-16 Carl WorthAdd the most basic of font styling
2020-05-16 Carl WorthAdd a reset CSS stylesheet
2020-05-16 Carl WorthAdd DOCTYPE and "meta charset" tag.
2020-05-16 Carl WorthInitial commit