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2020-09-19 Carl WorthAdd some autofocus attributes master
2020-09-19 Carl Worthscribe: Add explicit width/height of 100% to elements...
2020-09-19 Carl WorthReformat some h2 tags
2020-09-19 Carl WorthRemove extraneous closing p tag.
2020-09-19 Carl WorthLink scribe in at the top level
2020-09-19 Carl WorthScore each mini glyph and render the winner for each
2020-09-19 Carl WorthPrep for stashing final scores against each mini grid
2020-09-19 Carl WorthAdd support for detecting glyph shapes
2020-07-07 Carl WorthScribe: Prep game state for detection of glyphs
2020-07-05 Carl WorthStop ignoring .gitattributes
2020-07-05 Carl WorthRemove typo in URL
2020-07-05 Carl WorthIgnore the TODO file, its .nogit directory, and its...
2020-07-04 Carl Worthempathy: Don't force active:true when adding state...
2020-06-30 Carl WorthDisplay (grayed out) inactive players with non-zero...
2020-06-30 Carl WorthOnly consider active players when counting players...
2020-06-30 Carl WorthFix "KUDOS SLAM" achievement to only consider players...
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