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Shorten the fade-out delay for the activity indicators
[lmno.games] / lmno.js
2020-05-23 Kevin WorthMerge branch 'flempires-repo-merge'
2020-05-23 Carl Worthlmno.js: Drop the lmno_login and lmno_login_loadend...
2020-05-21 Carl WorthAdd JavaScript handling for the recently-added login...
2020-05-21 Carl WorthAdd an "lmno_" prefix to our loadend functions
2020-05-20 Carl WorthDrop debugging statement to console.log
2020-05-19 Carl WorthActually make the top-level "join game" button work.
2020-05-19 Carl Worthempires: Add a top-level static page for the Empires...
2020-05-17 Carl WorthMerge in empires-html client
2020-05-17 Carl WorthAdd simple JavaScript processing of game ID form submission