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Add two buttons to allow the player to choose a team to join
[lmno.games] / style.css
2020-06-06 Carl WorthAdd two buttons to allow the player to choose a team...
2020-05-24 Carl WorthFix padding calculations for intermediate widths
2020-05-23 Kevin WorthMerge branch 'flempires-repo-merge'
2020-05-19 Carl WorthAdd basic them-based styling of link colors
2020-05-19 Carl Worthstyle: Add some padding at the bottom of any form
2020-05-19 Carl Worthstyle: Add some basic support for a bulleted list.
2020-05-19 Carl Worthstyle: Remove some duplicated code between h1 and h2
2020-05-17 Carl WorthMove input sizing from empires to top-level
2020-05-17 Carl WorthMove paragraph-spacing from empires/style.css to style.css
2020-05-17 Carl WorthApply our selected text color to haeaders (h1 and h2)
2020-05-17 Carl WorthUse CSS custom properties to define named colors
2020-05-17 Carl WorthFix the page width to allow the content to be a full...
2020-05-17 Carl WorthTweak the line-height down a bit
2020-05-17 Carl WorthMerge in empires-html client
2020-05-17 Carl WorthAdd simple JavaScript processing of game ID form submission
2020-05-17 Carl WorthRemove percentage units from grid column sizing
2020-05-16 Carl WorthAdd a little universal padding to the page
2020-05-16 Carl WorthAdd some basic styling for form input fields
2020-05-16 Carl WorthNever allow the background body color to be seen on...
2020-05-16 Carl WorthAdd some responsive layout for the page itself
2020-05-16 Carl WorthAdd styling for some mobile-friendly forms and form...
2020-05-16 Carl WorthAdd the most basic of font styling