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Rename UserInfo to loudgame_t
[loudgame] / lm-echo.c
2008-01-10 Carl WorthRename UserInfo to loudgame_t
2008-01-10 Carl WorthMake *everything* including connection open, happen...
2008-01-06 Carl WorthSimplify command-line arguments
2008-01-06 Carl WorthRemove gratuitous dynamic memorymanagement
2008-01-06 Carl WorthRemove some gratuitous prints
2008-01-06 Carl WorthAdd support for a %quit command
2008-01-05 Carl WorthRe-indent with 4-space indentation
2008-01-05 Carl WorthAdd actual echo-ing capability to lm-echo
2008-01-05 Carl WorthAdd lm-echo program, (from test-tunnel.c demo from...