descriptionSome network-based strategy games, (using loudmouth to talk jabber).
ownerCarl Worth
last changeMon, 3 Mar 2008 20:06:27 +0000 (12:06 -0800)
2008-03-03 Carl WorthUpdate documentation of move command for new syntax master
2008-03-03 Carl WorthAllow leading whitespace for move string
2008-03-03 Carl WorthExport and document loa_board_move_is_legal
2008-03-03 Carl WorthUse loa_move_t structure instead of two x,y pairs
2008-03-03 Carl WorthAdd support for a 'history' command
2008-03-03 Carl WorthProvide explanation with 'illegal move' error messages
2008-02-29 Carl WorthFix check for out-of-range values passed to loa_board_m...
2008-02-23 Carl WorthMove loa_board into its own loa-board.c and loa-board...
2008-02-23 Carl WorthMore loa-prefix additions.
2008-02-23 Carl WorthRename board_t to loa_board_t
2008-02-23 Carl Worthlg-loa: Move current player into board_t structure.
2008-02-23 Carl WorthAdd printf-like format checking
2008-02-23 Carl WorthChange resource from TestLM to loudgame
2008-02-23 Carl WorthFix segfault when formatting "Illegal move" message.
2008-02-19 Carl WorthDocument the new say and whisper commands
2008-02-19 Carl WorthAdd say and whisper commands for chatting.
14 years ago master