descriptionnogit: Using git to track files without the user using git
ownerCarl Worth
last changeTue, 7 Jul 2020 18:16:14 +0000 (11:16 -0700)
2020-07-07 Carl WorthFix emacs hook to not clobber match data master
2020-07-07 Carl WorthAdd a "nogit log" command
2020-07-06 Kevin WorthFix two english sentence typos
2020-07-05 Carl WorthREADME: Simplify the setup instructions
2020-07-05 Carl WorthProvide the merge=union semantics we want through an...
2020-07-05 Carl WorthREADME: Add more description about the kind of data...
2020-07-05 Carl WorthAdd code for integrating nogit with emacs
2020-07-05 Carl WorthLook for a pre-existing .nogit-tmp directory
2020-07-05 Carl WorthFix an accidental case of a ".nogit" literal
2020-07-05 Carl WorthAdd a NOGIT_DIR_TMP variable
2020-07-05 Carl WorthUse consistent indentation for case statement
2020-07-05 Carl WorthREADME: Augment the tagline just a bit
2020-07-05 Carl WorthREADME: Expand on the documentation for nogit
2020-07-05 Carl WorthProvide a simple implementation of "nogit sync"
2020-07-05 Carl WorthImplement "nogit clone"
2020-07-05 Carl WorthAdd a nogit command-line utility
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