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4 days ago Tomi OllilaNews for release 0.38.2 master
2023-11-06 David Miguel... emacstips: add code to check for empty subject
2023-10-31 David Miguel... emacstips.mdwn: attachment check is builtin notmuch...
2023-10-27 Tomi OllilaNews for release 0.38.1
2023-10-19 Anton Khirnovbindings: update for the new Python bindings
2023-10-16 Paul WiseAdd link to the notmuch-email-client web browser extension
2023-10-16 Paul WiseUpdate link to notmuch-web
2023-10-08 Christoph GöttschkesAdds hint to notmuch-user-agent to the FCC/BCC emacstips.
2023-09-29 Dick Marinusfix formatting
2023-09-29 Dick MarinusUpdate homepage
2023-09-29 Dick MarinusPostfix and Dovecot tips
2023-09-14 Jakub Jindrafix table in manpages/notmuch-sexp-queries-7
2023-09-13 Tomi OllilaNews for release 0.38
2023-07-22 David Bremnernew performance test results, with tweak to file deletion
2023-07-18 David Bremnerfix sectioning
2023-07-18 David Bremnerupdate description of corpus
2023-07-18 David Bremnerupdate version
2023-07-18 David Bremnerupdate key fingerprint
2023-07-18 David Bremneradd some performance test results
2023-07-13 Richard Russonfix macros using enter
2022-12-28 Stefan KangasFix typos
2022-10-14 Stefan KangasFix muted tag example in excluding.mdwn
2022-10-12 Stefan KangasDelete comment about notmuch 0.15 or older
2022-10-12 Stefan KangasMove Emacs 24 tip to the end
2022-09-21 David Nebauernotmuch has no verbosity flag
2022-09-21 David Nebaueruse 'notmuch insert' instead of 'notmuch-deliver'
2022-08-22 Tomi OllilaNews for release 0.37
2022-07-20 inwitShow recipient in unthreaded sent messages list
2022-06-07 Ryan TateDisambiguate Debian notmuch package and notmuch for...
2022-06-07 Ryan TateCorrect name of emacs Debian package and notmuch mode.
2022-06-01 David Bremnerdrop toc for lfaq
2022-06-01 David Bremnerfix link title, toc
2022-06-01 David Bremnermove one faq entry to "less frequently asked questions".
2022-06-01 David Bremnerupdate exclude faq entry
2022-06-01 David Bremnerwhitespace fixup
2022-06-01 David Bremnerfix link
2022-06-01 David Bremneradd link to mailscripts
2022-06-01 David Bremnerfix link
2022-06-01 David Bremnerupdate FAQ entry on tagging threads
2022-05-31 David Bremnercomplete sentence
2022-05-31 David Bremnerfix markdown syntax
2022-05-31 David Bremnermention neomutt
2022-05-31 Alex Collignonadd FAQ entry to diagnose differences between query...
2022-05-29 David Bremneradd missing punctuation
2022-05-29 David Bremnerreplace most wikilinks to manpages with external links...
2022-05-28 David Bremnerdiscuss the "why not regex everywhere" question
2022-05-28 David BremnerRevert "use a wiki link for sexp queries man page"
2022-05-28 David Bremneruse a wiki link for sexp queries man page
2022-05-28 David Bremneradd missing punctuation
2022-05-28 David Bremnerupdate faq entry about searching for messages without...
2022-05-10 David BremnerNews for 0.36
2022-05-10 David Bremneradd mujmap to wiki
2022-04-15 Stanislav OchotnickýUpdate database compaction section in performance section
2022-03-11 inwitAdded tip on context dependent part selection in emacs
2022-02-06 Tomi Ollilamanpages updates for release 0.35
2022-02-06 Tomi Ollilanews for notmuch 0.35
2022-02-04 M. Dietrichadd MUA epistula
2022-02-04 M. Dietrichfix url to .forward
2022-01-10 Tomi Ollila news for notmuch 0.34.3
2022-01-06 David Bremnerfix URLs for cgit
2022-01-06 David Bremnerupdate url for message-templ
2022-01-02 Aleks Kissingeradded dodo to frontends
2021-12-24 David Bremnerupdate contribution guidelines.
2021-12-17 Ryan SchmidtUpdate MacPorts link
2021-12-17 Ryan SchmidtRemove reference to obsolete Nabble archive
2021-12-09 Tomi Ollilanews for notmuch 0.34.2
2021-11-13 Kalyan Sriramfrontends: add aerc
2021-11-03 Tomi Ollilanews for notmuch 0.34.1
2021-10-25 Tomi OllilaNEWS: fix typo in 0.34 news
2021-10-20 Tomi Ollilamanpages updates for release 0.34
2021-10-20 Tomi Ollilanews for notmuch 0.34
2021-09-30 Tomi Ollilanews for notmuch 0.33.2
2021-09-14 Tomi Ollilanews for notmuch 0.33.1
2021-09-06 Tomi Ollilas/attachements/attachments/
2021-09-04 Tomi Ollilamanpages updates for release 0.33
2021-09-04 Tomi Ollilanews for notmch 0.33
2021-08-19 Tomi Ollilanews/release-0.32.mdwn retry...
2021-08-19 Tomi Ollilanews release-0.32.mdwn tunes
2021-08-19 Tomi Ollilanews for notmch 0.32.3
2021-08-02 Rune Juhl JacobsenFix references to ol-notmuch, previously org-notmuch
2021-07-06 David Bremnerfix libera reference
2021-06-28 Tomi Ollilanews for notmch 0.32.2
2021-05-21 David Bremnerreplace freenode references with libera
2021-05-16 Tomi Ollilanews for notmch 0.32.1
2021-05-02 Tomi Ollilamanpages updates for release 0.32
2021-05-02 Tomi Ollilanews for notmch 0.32
2021-04-30 Jonas Bernoulliemacstips: Clarify mml-secure-openpgp-sign-with-sender...
2021-04-21 Tomiemacstip: convert .pdf and .docx to text, pop to buffer
2021-02-28 David Bremnerupdate link to archive
2021-02-28 David Bremneradd link to archive
2021-02-19 Tomi Ollilanews/release-0.31.2.mdwn: attempt to sort w/ time
2021-02-18 Tomi Ollilanews for notmch 0.31.4
2020-12-25 Tomicosmic 0.31.3 news fix
2020-12-25 Tominews for notmch 0.31.3
2020-11-30 Manos PitsidianakisAdd meli to frontends.mwdn
2020-11-21 momoSet mml-secure-openpgp-sign-with-sender to sign messages
2020-11-08 Tomi Ollilanews for notmch 0.31.2
2020-11-08 Tomi Ollilanews for notmuch 0.31.1
2020-09-06 Tomi Ollilagit diff -F 0.30 ;: would have helped...
2020-09-06 Tomi Ollilanews for release 0.31. manpages version bump