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2021-08-18 David BremnerMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/debian/bullseye...
2021-03-13 uncrustifycli: run uncrustify
2019-11-27 David BremnerMerge tag 'debian/0.29.3-1'
2019-11-03 David BremnerMerge tag 'debian/0.29.2-2'
2019-10-20 David BremnerMerge tag '0.29.2'
2019-10-13 David BremnerMerge branch 'release'
2019-09-24 David BremnerMerge branch 'release'
2019-07-21 David BremnerMerge branch 'release'
2019-06-17 David BremnerMerge branch 'release'
2019-06-14 uncrustifycli: run uncrustify
2019-06-14 David BremnerCLI: replace some constructs with more uncrustify frien...
2019-02-17 David Bremnernotmuch (0.28.2-1) unstable; urgency=medium
2019-02-17 David BremnerImport notmuch_0.28.2.orig.tar.gz
2018-06-29 David Bremnernotmuch (0.27-2) unstable; urgency=medium
2018-06-13 David BremnerImport notmuch_0.27.orig.tar.gz
2017-12-31 David BremnerMerge branch 'release'
2017-12-29 Daniel Kahn Gillmorcli: some keyword options can be supplied with no argument
2017-12-13 Jani Nikulacli: add support for --no- prefixed boolean and keyword...
2017-12-09 David BremnerMerge branch 'release'
2017-11-08 Jani Nikulacli: allow empty strings for notmuch insert --folder...
2017-11-06 David BremnerMerge branch 'release'
2017-10-10 Jani Nikulacli: convert notmuch_bool_t to stdbool
2017-10-05 Jani Nikulacli: reduce indent in keyword argument processing
2017-10-05 Jani Nikulacli: change while to for in keyword argument processing
2017-10-05 Jani Nikulacli: refactor boolean argument processing
2017-10-05 Jani Nikulacli: add .present field to opt desc to check if the...
2017-10-05 Jani Nikulacli: use designated initializers for opt desc
2017-07-12 David Bremnercli: add space separator for keyword, string, and int...
2017-07-12 David Bremnercli: change api of parse_option
2014-11-05 Jani Nikulacli: add support for hierarchical command line option...
2014-11-01 Jani Nikulacli: Add support for parsing keyword-flag arguments
2014-03-03 David BremnerMerge tag 'debian/0.17-5'
2014-02-26 Jani Nikulacli: command line option parser cleanup
2012-09-02 Mark Walterscli: make the command line parser's errors more informa...
2012-06-30 Mark Walterscli: command line parsing: allow default for keyword...
2012-03-20 David BremnerMerge tag 'debian/0.12-1'
2012-03-20 David BremnerMerge tag '0.12'
2012-03-20 David BremnerMerge branch 'release'
2012-03-18 Mark Walterscli: Parsing. Allow true/false parameter for boolean...
2011-12-13 David Bremnercommand-line-arguments.[ch]: make arrays of keyword...
2011-12-09 David Bremnercommand-line-arguments.[ch]: new argument parsing frame...