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2023-02-20 jaoemacs: notmuch-tree-outline-mode
2022-12-03 Michael J Gruberdoc: mark `--output=summary` as default
2022-11-05 Robin Jarrycli: add options --offset and --limit to notmuch show
2022-09-03 David Bremnerlib: add field processor for lastmod: prefix
2022-09-03 David Bremnerlib/sexp: provide relative lastmod queries
2022-08-11 David Bremnerdoc/emacs: use define-key instead of hard-coding markup
2022-08-11 David Bremnerdoc/emacs: replace use of emacsvar with el:defcustom
2022-08-11 David Bremnerdoc/emacs: replace emacscmd with el:define-key
2022-08-11 David Bremnerdoc/emacs: split index category from label
2022-08-11 David Bremnerdoc/emacs: drop domain label
2022-08-11 David Bremnerdoc/elisp: replace label for Emacs commands and key...
2022-08-11 David Bremnerdoc: copy elisp.py from flycheck, make available
2022-08-11 David Bremnerdoc: add some documentation about duplicate files.
2022-08-06 David Bremnerdoc/notmuch: merge two sections on external commands.
2022-07-30 David Bremnerdoc/emacs: add docstring for notmuch-unthreaded-result...
2022-07-30 David Bremnerdoc/emacs: add docstring and example for n-tree-result...
2022-07-30 David Bremnerdoc/emacs: add docstring and example for n-search-resul...
2022-07-30 David BremnerCLI/reply: support --duplicate argument
2022-07-30 David BremnerCLI/show: initial support for --duplicate for (raw...
2022-07-15 David Bremnerdoc/emacs: add notmuch-show-empty-saved-searches to...
2022-07-15 David Bremnerdoc/emacs: define and use emacsvar and emacscmd markup
2022-07-14 David Bremnerdoc: do not generate python module index
2022-07-14 David Bremnerdoc: drop module index from ToC
2022-07-14 David Bremnerdoc: retitle notmuch-emacs manual
2022-07-14 David Bremnerdoc: reorganize sphinx toctree
2022-07-14 David Bremnerdoc: improve config item labels in info output
2022-07-14 David Bremnerdoc/emacs: add discussion about notmuch-show performance.
2022-07-14 David Bremneremacs/show: introduce notmuch-show-height-limit
2022-07-14 David Bremneremacs/show: obey notmuch-show-max-text-part-size for...
2022-07-14 David Bremneremacs/show: optionally insert bodies of "deep messages...
2022-07-07 David BremnerCLI/git: add --format-version argument to init subcommand
2022-07-07 David BremnerCL/git: add format version 1
2022-07-03 David Bremnerdoc: replace symlink with copies for nmbug, notmuch...
2022-06-25 David Bremnerdoc/sexp: document range queries.
2022-06-17 David BremnerCLI/git: add safety checks for checkout and commit
2022-06-17 David BremnerCLI/git: support configuration for repo location /...
2022-06-17 David BremnerCLI/git: change defaults for repo and prefix
2022-06-17 David Bremnerdoc/notmuch-git: initial documentation
2022-06-16 jaoemacs: use message-dont-reply-to-names when composing...
2022-06-13 David BremnerCLI: document handling of --config for external commands
2022-05-29 David Bremnerdoc/emacs: document a few notmuch-hello customizable...
2022-05-26 David BremnerMerge branch 'release'
2022-05-26 David Bremnermerge uninitialized field fix from release
2022-05-21 David Bremneremacs: document/defcustom notmuch-multipart/alternativ...
2022-05-21 David Bremnerdoc: define and use semantic markup for configuration...
2022-05-15 David Bremnerdoc/emacs: document notmuch-show-toggle-toggle-elide...
2022-04-30 David Bremnerdoc/sexp-queries: be more consistent about ending examp...
2022-04-30 David Bremnerdoc/sexp-queries: fix example
2022-04-30 David Bremnerdoc/sexp-queries: escape @ in non-verbatim text
2022-04-15 David Bremnerlib: add sexp: prefix to Xapian (infix) query parser.
2022-04-07 David BremnerMerge branch 'release'
2022-03-19 David Bremnerlib: do not phrase parse prefixed bracketed subexpressions
2022-02-26 David Bremneremacs: Document undo binding.
2022-02-26 David Bremneremacs: add notmuch-tag-undo
2022-02-25 David Bremnerdoc/emacs: add minimal documentation for notmuch-unthre...
2022-02-20 David Bremnerdoc: use hyperlinks for config options in notmuch-insert(1)
2022-02-20 David Bremnerdoc: add configuration section to notmuch-insert(1)
2022-02-20 David Bremnerdoc: add configuration section to notmuch-new(1)
2022-02-20 David Bremnerdoc: alphabetize options in notmuch-config(1)
2022-02-11 inwitdoc: make post-hook description more precise
2022-01-29 David Bremnerdoc: replace :math: for subscripts in notmuch-sexp...
2022-01-25 David Bremnerdoc: document new option `show.extra_headers`
2022-01-24 jaoemacs: customizable names for search buffers
2022-01-12 David BremnerMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release'
2022-01-10 jaoemacs: make header line in notmuch-show buffers optional
2022-01-09 David BremnerMerge tag '0.34.3'
2022-01-09 David Bremnerdoc: add 2022 to copyright years. 0.34.3 archive/debian/0.34.3-1 debian/0.34.3-1
2022-01-09 David BremnerMerge branch 'release'
2022-01-03 Cédric Hannotierdoc: mail store is given by database.mail_root
2021-12-29 David BremnerMerge branch 'release'
2021-12-25 David Bremnerdoc: add dep. on stamp file for rebuilding gzipped...
2021-12-23 David Bremnerdoc: introduce stamp file for info build
2021-12-23 David Bremnerdoc: replace phony target with variable
2021-12-10 David BremnerMerge tag 'debian/0.34.2-1'
2021-12-05 David BremnerMerge branch 'release'
2021-12-04 David BremnerMerge branch 'release'
2021-12-04 David Bremnerpython-cffi: switch to notmuch_database_{open,create...
2021-12-04 David Bremneremacs: drop C-tab binding in hello mode, document ...
2021-12-04 David Bremnerdoc/python-cffi: import from built bindings, not instal...
2021-12-04 David Bremnerrename built_with.sexpr_query to built_with.sexp_queries
2021-11-04 David BremnerMerge tag '0.34.1'
2021-10-30 David BremnerMerge branch 'release'
2021-10-28 David BremnerMerge branch 'release'
2021-10-25 David Bremnerdoc/sexp-queries: replace definition lists with block...
2021-10-25 David Bremnerdoc: remove explicit formatting of terms in definition...
2021-09-30 David BremnerMerge tag '0.33.2'
2021-09-11 David BremnerMerge tag '0.33.1'
2021-09-05 David Bremnerdoc/sexp-queries: update synopsis and description
2021-09-05 David Bremnerlib/parse-sexp: apply macros
2021-09-05 David BremnerCLI/config support saving s-expression queries
2021-09-05 David Bremnerlib/parse-sexp: handle saved queries
2021-09-05 David Bremnerlib/parse-sexp: parse user headers
2021-09-05 David Bremnerlib/parse-sexp: support infix subqueries
2021-09-05 David Bremnerlib/parse-sexp: expand queries
2021-09-05 David Bremnerlib/parse-sexp: support regular expressions
2021-09-05 David Bremnerlib/parse-sexp: add '*' as syntactic sugar for '(starts...
2021-09-05 David Bremnerlib/parse-sexp: 'starts-with' wildcard searches
2021-09-05 David Bremnerlib/parse-sexp: add term prefix backed fields
2021-09-05 David Bremnerlib/parse-sexp: support phrase queries.
2021-09-05 David Bremnerlib/parse-sexp: support subject field