2008-02-15 Carl WorthAccount for x_bearing/y_bearing to align each glyph... master
2008-02-13 Carl WorthRemove some dead code that was littering the program
2008-02-13 Carl WorthRemove CGIC code
2008-02-13 Carl WorthMove drawing code into its own function outside of...
2008-02-13 Carl WorthMore refactoring out of main (get_max_width_height)
2008-02-13 Carl WorthMove font loading into its own function
2008-02-13 Carl WorthRefactor argument parsing into parse_args instead of...
2008-02-13 Carl WorthMake spritext write its output to a PNG file
2008-02-13 Carl WorthBundle Bitstream Vera with spritext to eliminate one...
2008-02-13 Carl WorthFix errors to actually abort
2008-02-13 Carl WorthRip out the libcgic stuff
2007-06-19 Carl WorthAdd a simple .gitignore file
2007-06-19 Carl WorthUse correct %ld instead of %d for long argument
2007-06-19 Carl WorthRemove unused function
2007-06-19 Carl WorthEnable many more warning options to gcc command-line
2007-06-19 Carl WorthIndent consistently
2007-06-19 Carl WorthNote missing copyright header/add some newlines
2007-06-19 Carl WorthInitial import of Richard's spritext project