descriptionA Slack app for Halibut That Bass
ownerCarl Worth
last changeWed, 12 Jan 2022 06:45:07 +0000 (22:45 -0800)
2022-01-12 Carl WorthAdd a stub for the turbot web view master
2022-01-12 Carl WorthTODO: Drop a bunch of items that have been completed
2022-01-12 Carl WorthAdd a state field to the "edit hunt" form
2022-01-12 Carl WorthAdd a list of users that don't want to be auto-invited...
2022-01-12 Carl WorthAdd code to auto-invite all users in a hunt to each...
2022-01-12 Carl WorthAbbreviate round name to only 7 characters in Slack...
2022-01-08 Carl WorthAnnounce to the hunt whenever a puzzle receives a new tag
2022-01-08 Carl WorthAdd tags field to the new_puzzle and edit_puzzle forms
2022-01-08 Carl WorthAdd a /delete command
2022-01-08 Carl WorthDon't set a channel description longer than 250 character.
2022-01-08 Carl WorthUse common code for setting the channel topic and descr...
2022-01-08 Carl WorthDon't put the puzzle name into the channel topic
2022-01-08 Carl Worthpuzzle_copy: Copy the solution list as well
2022-01-08 Carl WorthFix a typo in the message announcing a puzzle solution
2022-01-08 Carl WorthFix a type in a comment
2022-01-08 Carl WorthUse empty list instead of empty tuple in a few places
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