2007-06-15 Carl WorthRemove stray period master
2007-06-15 Carl WorthFix typo
2007-06-15 Carl WorthRevert "More preference for double quotation marks"
2007-06-15 Carl WorthMore preference for double quotation marks
2007-06-15 Carl WorthFix typo, point to README, prefer double quotes for...
2007-06-15 Carl WorthAdd notes on --verbose and --rebuild
2007-06-15 Carl WorthRemove explicit verbose => 0 from setup file
2007-06-15 Carl WorthUpdate README with several additions.
2007-06-15 Carl WorthTurn off underlaydir to avoid errors
2007-06-15 Richard WorthChanged 'setup' to 'set up
2007-06-15 Carl WorthAdd some clarifications thanks to feedback from Richard.
2007-06-15 Carl WorthAdd more details to README about setting up the post...
2007-06-15 Carl WorthAdd a BEGIN block so that the gitrepo and checkout...
2007-06-15 Carl WorthFix comma vs. semicolon typos.
2007-06-12 Carl WorthDocument the need to touch up post-update
2007-06-12 Carl WorthFix post-updeate wrapper to match comment
2007-06-12 Carl WorthAdd a simple README
2007-05-24 Carl WorthSimplify and document the git repository setup
2007-05-23 Carl WorthAdd templates to revision control.
2007-05-23 Carl WorthAdd CSS files, (straight from ikiwiki examples)
2007-05-23 Carl WorthAdd .gitignore file to ignore *~ and internal .ikiwiki...
2007-05-23 Carl WorthPrune all non-git RCS stuff
2007-05-22 Carl WorthInitial commit of ikiwiki.setup