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Makefile: Fix downloading of React javascript files
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2020-06-05 Carl WorthAdd a simple player-info div
2020-06-05 Carl Worthtictactoe: Add a simple game-info div
2020-06-05 Carl WorthRename reset_state() to reset_board()
2020-06-04 Carl WorthRename several internal names from ICantReadThis to...
2020-06-04 Carl WorthRename stepNumber to step_number
2020-06-04 Carl WorthAdd an enum (or an enum-like object) for Team values
2020-06-04 Carl Worthtictactoe: Don't let the user send an illegal move
2020-06-03 Carl WorthExpect defailed error message from the server when...
2020-06-01 Carl WorthRename identifier in the "move" handler from 'square...
2020-06-01 Carl Worthtictactoe: Track API change that /move event now has...
2020-06-01 Carl Worthtictactoe: Adapt to new server event type: game-state
2020-05-27 Carl Worthtictactoe: Increase the size of the board a bit
2020-05-27 Carl WorthChange styling to not put game info to the right of...
2020-05-27 Carl WorthDrop the game history interface.
2020-05-27 Carl Worthtictactoe: Implement a minimally-functional multi-playe...
2020-05-26 Carl Worthtictactoe: Put in place the standard top-level page
2020-05-26 Carl Worthtictactoe: Integrate the standard LMNO styling
2020-05-26 Carl WorthTeach git to ignore tictactoe.js
2020-05-26 Carl WorthAdd a simple tictactoe game, implemented with React