descriptionloa: A program for playing Claude Soucie's game, Lines of Action
ownerCarl Worth
last changeSat, 2 May 2020 15:21:20 +0000 (08:21 -0700)
2020-05-02 Carl WorthFix compilation by putting dependent libraries at the end master
2008-02-29 Carl WorthFix check for out-of-range values passed to loa_board_m...
2008-02-29 Carl WorthIgnore clicks outside the current board
2008-02-29 Carl WorthAdd a README file
2008-02-24 Carl WorthMake the game playable by clicking
2008-02-24 Carl WorthIncrease the default size a bit.
2008-02-24 Carl WorthAdd drawing of pieces (along with loa-board board-manag...
2008-02-23 Carl WorthInitial Lines of Action program, (just draws the board...
2 years ago master