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2008-03-03 Carl WorthUpdate documentation of move command for new syntax master
2008-03-03 Carl WorthAllow leading whitespace for move string
2008-03-03 Carl WorthExport and document loa_board_move_is_legal
2008-03-03 Carl WorthUse loa_move_t structure instead of two x,y pairs
2008-03-03 Carl WorthAdd support for a 'history' command
2008-03-03 Carl WorthProvide explanation with 'illegal move' error messages
2008-02-29 Carl WorthFix check for out-of-range values passed to loa_board_m...
2008-02-23 Carl WorthMove loa_board into its own loa-board.c and loa-board...
2008-02-23 Carl WorthMore loa-prefix additions.
2008-02-23 Carl WorthRename board_t to loa_board_t
2008-02-23 Carl Worthlg-loa: Move current player into board_t structure.
2008-02-23 Carl WorthAdd printf-like format checking
2008-02-23 Carl WorthChange resource from TestLM to loudgame
2008-02-23 Carl WorthFix segfault when formatting "Illegal move" message.
2008-02-19 Carl WorthDocument the new say and whisper commands
2008-02-19 Carl WorthAdd say and whisper commands for chatting.
2008-02-19 Carl WorthAdd initial lg-loa program (Lines of Action)
2008-02-19 Carl Worthlg-set: Add a broadcast whenever a user finds a set.
2008-02-18 Carl WorthFix typo in set help message, (cards are labelled from...
2008-01-24 Carl WorthAdd loudgame_broadcast and a simple hash table to annou...
2008-01-22 Carl WorthMove code from loudgame_run to new loudgame_fini for...
2008-01-22 Carl WorthDon't try to close connection if it's never been opened
2008-01-19 Carl WorthAdd a call to lm_connection_set_keep_alive_rate
2008-01-19 Carl WorthAdd a help command to lg-set
2008-01-18 Carl WorthAdd a fancy HTML-based board display so it's possible...
2008-01-18 Carl WorthMark emptyslots explicitly in the show output
2008-01-18 Carl WorthAdd support for claiming a set.
2008-01-15 Carl WorthImplement simple show, hint, and shuffle commands for...
2008-01-15 Carl WorthShare loudgame_send code to reduce duplication.
2008-01-12 Carl WorthAdd initial Set implementation (not hooked up to jabber...
2008-01-10 Carl WorthFix lg-test and lg-echo to exit cleanly after printing...
2008-01-10 Carl WorthSeparate common code into loudgame.c and demonstrate...
2008-01-10 Carl WorthExercise LGPL permission to convert to GPLv3 and add...
2008-01-10 Carl WorthAdd copyright and authorship for Carl Worth
2008-01-10 Carl WorthAdd .gitignore
2008-01-10 Carl WorthRename lm-echo to lg-echo
2008-01-10 Carl WorthRename UserInfo to loudgame_t
2008-01-10 Carl WorthMake *everything* including connection open, happen...
2008-01-06 Carl WorthSimplify command-line arguments
2008-01-06 Carl WorthRemove gratuitous dynamic memorymanagement
2008-01-06 Carl WorthRemove some gratuitous prints
2008-01-06 Carl WorthAdd trivial Makefile
2008-01-06 Carl WorthAdd support for a %quit command
2008-01-05 Carl WorthRe-indent with 4-space indentation
2008-01-05 Carl WorthAdd actual echo-ing capability to lm-echo
2008-01-05 Carl WorthAdd lm-echo program, (from test-tunnel.c demo from...