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descriptionA customizable memorization-training program.
ownerCarl Worth
last changeMon, 26 Sep 2011 05:27:47 +0000 (22:27 -0700)
2011-09-26 Carl WorthYet more "unsiged vs. signed" warning cleanups. master
2011-09-26 Carl WorthYet more "signed vs. unsigned" warning fixes.
2011-09-26 Carl WorthMore cleanup of "unsigned vs. signed" integer comparison.
2011-09-26 Carl WorthRemove the enumeration of challenge types.
2011-09-26 Carl WorthFurther separation of mnemon main program from mnemon...
2011-09-26 Carl WorthBreak mnemon up into a main program and a mnemon "library"
2011-09-26 Carl WorthEliminate some compiler warnings.
2011-09-16 Carl WorthAdd support for running a session against specific...
2010-06-09 Carl WorthAdd a simple text-to-speech challenge type.
2009-04-08 Carl WorthTweak the implementation of to_master
2009-04-04 Carl WorthAdd a new repeat option
2009-04-02 Carl WorthAdd a new midi challenge type
2009-03-30 Carl WorthAdd a command for repeating (/r)
2009-03-30 Carl WorthReplay audio challenges after the correct answer is...
2009-03-29 Carl WorthAdd support for audio challenges as well.
2009-03-28 Carl WorthMerge branch 'master' into image
12 years ago master