Disambiguate Debian notmuch package and notmuch for emacs package.
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2017-10-10 W. Trevor Kingnmbug: Document early 'nmbug checkout'
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2015-03-28 W. Trevor Kingnmbug: You only need to push over SSH
2015-03-28 W. Trevor Kingnmbug: Update after the Perl-to-Python migration that...
2015-03-28 W. Trevor Kingnmbug: Add a link to the archive mbox
2014-10-03 Sergei Shilovskyreplace notmuch::reviewed with an equivalent query
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2012-05-09 Tomi OllilaClearer requirements: notmuch >= 0.10 & git >= 1.7.4
2012-02-25 David Bremnernmbug: explain the "tag the whole series" concept
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2011-12-23 Dmitry Kurochkinnmbug: add "$ " prefix to shell commands
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2011-12-21 David EdmondsonMinor tidying of the nmbug description.
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