Disambiguate Debian notmuch package and notmuch for emacs package.
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2014-08-18 Jani Nikulapatchformatting: remove the content in favour of contri...
2012-11-07 Tomi OllilaHow to Begin: 4. Read `devel/STYLE`
2012-06-28 Tomi Ollilas/65/72/
2012-05-12 Tomi Ollila:
2012-05-12 Tomi Ollilanii
2012-05-12 Tomi Ollilajoo
2012-05-12 Tomi Ollilaindentation
2012-05-12 Tomi Ollilapatch test-apply
2012-05-12 Tomi Ollila65 -> 72 character limit helps a bit
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2011-12-14 Tomi OllilaAdded subsection about pre-commit hook
2011-09-29 Thomas Schwingepatchformatting: Test Suite Enhancements
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2011-09-10 Tomi Ollilasome reasoning for alternative to git-send-email
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