Disambiguate Debian notmuch package and notmuch for emacs package.
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2018-04-14 Martin MichlmayrFix typo
2016-10-26 Tomi Ollilaexample script to start emacs for remote notmuch use
2016-10-24 Tomi Olliladitto (dc6dadf0ad4e8c86b83d927c6154e62af5c780d5)
2016-10-24 Tomi Ollilafor BASH_XTRACEFD=6 to work, the fd has to be open
2016-06-14 Daniel Kahn Gillmornotmuchmail.org and git.notmuchmail.org are both availa...
2014-03-02 Tomi Ollilafallback exit handler...
2014-03-02 Tomi Ollilatune after "what you got" view
2014-03-02 Tomi Ollilaremoteusage/124 with environment variables!
2014-03-01 Tomi Ollilascript & doc in par with nottoomuch-remote.(bash|rst)
2013-07-02 Tomi Ollilarename
2013-06-28 Tomi Ollilaadded #EOF to help noticing eos (helped to eat my own...
2013-06-06 Tomi Ollilatab->8 spaces
2013-05-30 Tomi Ollilafix trablshuuting
2013-05-30 Tomi OllilaBASH_XTRACEFD=6 so that set -x output (if uncommented)
2013-04-03 Tomi Ollilatrablshuuting
2013-04-02 Tomi Ollilamaster connection doc
2013-04-02 Tomi OllilaAh, referrers are linked!
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2013-04-02 Tomi Ollilaindent, clarify
2013-04-02 Tomi Ollilaadded support for batch count & troubleshooting
2013-03-30 Tomi Ollilaremoved nerdy humor for the benefit of full potential...
2013-03-29 Tomi Ollilapassewd
2013-03-29 Tomi Ollilacosmic
2013-03-29 Tomi OllilaAdded remoteusage/aboriginal.mdwn -- remoteusage withou...
2012-05-21 Tomi Ollilalet ssh to do tilde (~) expansion...
2012-05-21 Tomi Ollilasmall remotewrapper.mwdn tunes.
2012-04-15 Jameson Graef RollinsMerge branch 'master' of git://notmuchmail.org/git...
2012-04-14 Svend SorensenAdd alternate remote notmuch wrapper script