2013-10-03 Carl WorthFix high octave numbers (8+) to not be interpreted... master
2013-10-03 Carl WorthRespell a note if it triggers a key change.
2013-10-03 Carl WorthListen for MIDI event through ALSA "virtual" rawmidi...
2013-10-03 Carl WorthPrefer flats rather than sharps when converting from...
2013-10-03 Carl WorthFix key signature setting to accept an enharmonic pitch
2013-10-03 Carl WorthFix in-key note spelling for MIDI input
2013-10-03 Carl WorthAutomatically change key whenever user plays a major...
2013-10-03 Carl WorthDon't bother displaying names for intervals and octaves.
2013-10-03 Carl WorthAlways redraw notes on note-press or note-release
2013-10-03 Carl WorthAdd a little space between key signature and notes.
2013-10-03 Carl WorthSpell input notes according to key
2013-10-03 Carl WorthMove key-signature code to new scherzo-key.c and scherz...
2013-10-01 Carl WorthRespect the key when drawing notes.
2013-10-01 Carl WorthAdd a keybinding for Enter to clear all notes
2013-10-01 Carl WorthRework computer keyboard input to be mapped piano keyboard
2013-10-01 Carl WorthAdd support for drawing a key signature
2013-09-30 Carl WorthFix bugs in mismatched spelling of chord name and notes
2013-09-30 Carl WorthFix to resize staff when ledger lines are no longer...
2013-09-30 Carl WorthMake score_note_t entirely private to score.c
2013-09-30 Carl WorthMakefile: Add -Wmissing-declarations compiler option
2013-09-30 Carl WorthChange the various score add_note functions to not...
2013-09-30 Carl WorthUse a pitch_t rather than a score_note_t for challenge
2013-09-29 Carl WorthFix scherzo to use pitch_t rather than score_note_t...
2013-09-28 Carl WorthEncode octave within pitch_t value
2013-09-27 Carl WorthDrop the enumerated pitch values.
2013-09-27 Carl WorthPort all code from score_pitch* to pitch*
2013-09-27 Carl WorthMove large portions of score.h to new pitch.h file.
2013-09-27 Carl WorthAbbreviate "unknown chord" to a simple question mark
2013-09-27 Carl WorthUse matched chord signature to guide spelling of note...
2013-09-27 Carl WorthFix signature for "sus" chord
2013-09-27 Carl WorthPut all chord signatures into a single array
2013-09-27 Carl WorthDon't print the inversion names
2013-09-27 Carl WorthUse abbreviated names for intervals
2013-09-27 Carl WorthDon't print root pitch for octaves and intervals
2013-09-27 Carl WorthAdd voicings of m6/9 and m6/♭9 with no 5th.
2013-09-27 Carl WorthFix bug preventing recognition of m6/9 and add m6/♭9
2013-09-27 Carl WorthAdd voicings for 7th chords without 3rd and without 5th
2013-09-26 Carl WorthComment a couple of ambiguous chords
2013-09-26 Carl WorthDrop 'm' before half-diminished or diminished symbol
2013-09-26 Carl WorthAdd +M7sus and +7sus chords
2013-09-26 Carl WorthReduce overuse of superscripting in chord names.
2013-09-26 Carl WorthAdd some 7th chords with an added, altered 9th interval
2013-09-26 Carl WorthRecognize the 6/9 chord and the m6/9 chord
2013-09-26 Carl WorthAdd 11th chords
2013-09-26 Carl WorthAdd some flat-5 variants of 9th chords
2013-09-26 Carl WorthAdd sus (sus4) versions of the ninth chords.
2013-09-26 Carl WorthSpecify sus4 chords with a Perfect 4th rather than...
2013-09-26 Carl WorthAdd ninth chords.
2013-09-26 Carl WorthAdd recognition of sus2 and sus (sus4) chords.
2013-09-26 Carl WorthAdd recognition of 6, m6, and 7-flat-5 chords.
2013-09-25 Carl WorthDrop the "M" from the name for a major triad.
2013-09-25 Carl WorthTake advantage of pango markup to draw superscripted...
2013-09-25 Carl WorthSwitch to using pango, not cairo_show_text for chord...
2013-09-24 Carl WorthDetect the root pitch of chord and display it
2013-09-23 Carl WorthAdd a few initializations to quiet compiler warnings.
2013-09-23 Carl WorthDefault to compiling with debugging symbols.
2013-09-23 Carl WorthAdd support for recognizing inverted chords.
2013-09-22 Carl WorthSwitch to a degree-specific scheme for specifying chord...
2013-09-22 Carl WorthAllow computer-keyboard input of accidentals, and draw...
2013-09-22 Carl WorthAdd a new SCORE_PITCH macro and rename SCORE_PITCH_VALU...
2013-09-19 Carl WorthDon't bother looking at signatures that we know can...
2013-09-18 Carl WorthRe-order the signatures array for the seventh chords
2013-09-18 Carl WorthSimplify chord-signature matching by dropping duplicate...
2013-09-18 Carl WorthAvoid duplicating notes within note_group_t and score_s...
2013-09-18 Carl WorthFix bugs in analysis for out-of-order chords
2013-09-18 Carl WorthAdd analysis support for octaves
2013-09-18 Carl WorthFix chord analysis for intervals larger than an octave
2013-09-18 Carl WorthAdd support for pedal
2013-09-17 Carl WorthAllow keys 0-8 to specify desired octave.
2013-09-17 Carl WorthDon't put up "unknown chord" for a single note
2013-09-17 Carl WorthAdd recognition of intervals.
2013-09-17 Carl WorthAdd recognition of 7th chords
2013-09-17 Carl WorthAdd preliminary chord analysis
2013-09-17 Carl WorthFix the broken SCORE_PITCH_NAME macro to work correctly
2013-09-17 Carl WorthRename mnemon data file from "scherzo" to "scherzo...
2012-04-10 Carl WorthUpdate sub-module path for menmon with a relative path.
2011-09-28 Carl WorthAdd ability to perform input with computer (not midi...
2011-09-28 Carl WorthAdd some color coding of input notes.
2011-09-27 Carl WorthShrink staves once ledger lines are no longer needed.
2011-09-27 Carl WorthAdd correct sizing/spacing of staves and braces for...
2011-09-27 Carl WorthDraw ledger lines.
2011-09-26 Carl WorthDon't queue up as many widget redraws.
2011-09-26 Carl WorthFix another bug with stuck notes.
2011-09-26 Carl WorthFix bug with stuck notes when challenge would switch...
2011-09-26 Carl WorthIntegrate some simple mnemon quizzing into scherzo.
2011-09-26 Carl WorthAdd mnemon code as a git submodule
2011-09-24 Carl WorthOpen MIDI device and display notes being played in...
2011-09-23 Carl WorthIgnore the .deps directory.
2011-09-23 Carl WorthStart drawing some very rudimentary notes.
2011-09-23 Carl WorthMakefile: Fix automatic generation of dependencies.
2011-09-23 Carl WorthRestructure code to manually add staves, braces, and...
2011-09-17 Carl WorthIncrease the default staff height just a bit.
2011-09-17 Carl WorthMake the brace and clef symbols scale with the staff.
2011-09-17 Carl WorthAdd some scaling controls with plus/minus keybindings.
2011-09-17 Carl WorthAdd some (particularly cheesy) drawing of a brace and...
2011-09-17 Carl WorthDraw a second staff (and vertical lines at the beginnin...
2011-09-17 Carl WorthStart drawing something
2011-09-17 Carl WorthAdd a .gitignore file.
2011-09-17 Carl WorthInitial commit of scherzo.