descriptionA simplu music-notation training aid.
ownerCarl Worth
last changeThu, 3 Oct 2013 17:52:59 +0000 (10:52 -0700)
2013-10-03 Carl WorthFix high octave numbers (8+) to not be interpreted... master
2013-10-03 Carl WorthRespell a note if it triggers a key change.
2013-10-03 Carl WorthListen for MIDI event through ALSA "virtual" rawmidi...
2013-10-03 Carl WorthPrefer flats rather than sharps when converting from...
2013-10-03 Carl WorthFix key signature setting to accept an enharmonic pitch
2013-10-03 Carl WorthFix in-key note spelling for MIDI input
2013-10-03 Carl WorthAutomatically change key whenever user plays a major...
2013-10-03 Carl WorthDon't bother displaying names for intervals and octaves.
2013-10-03 Carl WorthAlways redraw notes on note-press or note-release
2013-10-03 Carl WorthAdd a little space between key signature and notes.
2013-10-03 Carl WorthSpell input notes according to key
2013-10-03 Carl WorthMove key-signature code to new scherzo-key.c and scherz...
2013-10-01 Carl WorthRespect the key when drawing notes.
2013-10-01 Carl WorthAdd a keybinding for Enter to clear all notes
2013-10-01 Carl WorthRework computer keyboard input to be mapped piano keyboard
2013-10-01 Carl WorthAdd support for drawing a key signature
8 years ago master