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2016-07-21 Carl WorthAdd Robert Haight as another solver
2016-07-15 Carl WorthComplete hints for Olympian Teaser
2016-07-15 Carl WorthAdd an Errata section
2016-07-15 Carl WorthAdd solver list for 2015 Christmas Code
2016-03-09 Carl WorthFix typo
2016-03-09 Carl WorthLink in the 2015 Christmas Puzzle Hunt
2016-03-09 Carl WorthAdd 2015 Christmas Puzzle Hunt
2016-03-09 Carl WorthFix typo
2015-01-22 Carl WorthAdd missing sentence
2015-01-22 Carl WorthFix broken link
2015-01-22 Carl WorthFix broken link
2015-01-22 Carl WorthAdd blog post about two recently-published puzzles
2014-12-23 Carl WorthAdd blog post for newly-published Pentominous puzzle.
2014-12-22 Carl WorthAdd blog post describing all of the history of the...
2014-12-20 Carl WorthAdd a blog post about my Star Duel puzzle
2014-12-20 Carl WorthAdd blog post pointing to 2014 Christmas Code
2014-11-26 Carl Worthcreating tag page tag/puzzles
2014-11-26 Carl WorthAnother instance of /home/srv instead of /srv
2014-11-26 Carl WorthDon't point to a symlink (/home/srv instead of /srv)
2014-11-26 Carl WorthAdd blog post pointing to my first puzzle on gmpuzzles.com
2013-01-27 Carl WorthMerge branch 'master' of www.cworth.org:/srv/cworth...
2013-01-27 Carl WorthAdd some recently-purchased climbing gear
2010-11-23 Carl Worthcreating tag page tag/scott
2009-11-25 Carl Worthhgbook-git: Clarify a point about "git help" that I...
2009-11-06 Carl WorthFix thumbnail size.
2009-11-06 Carl WorthAdd recent purchases and climbing trips to gear list.
2009-08-26 Carl WorthUpdate sup article to clarify that gmail has some offli...
2009-08-20 Carl WorthFix typo: Add missing ]
2009-08-20 Carl WorthUpdate sup post to link to Joey Hess's thread patterns.
2009-08-20 Carl WorthFix bulletted list formatting.
2009-08-20 Carl WorthAdd blog entry on sup.
2009-06-16 Carl WorthFix typo so that there aren't two 2.3.2 sections
2009-06-13 Carl WorthImprove awkward, hard-to-read sentence.
2009-06-13 Carl WorthTry to use lower-level headings for sub-topics in the...
2009-06-13 Carl WorthNeither Kevin nor the spellchecker liked "pageful"
2009-06-13 Carl WorthMention that the performance fix described is in 2...
2009-06-13 Carl WorthAdd blog entry extolling cairo-perf-trace.
2009-06-11 Carl WorthUpdate: 2.6.30 kernel is in xorg-edgers now
2009-06-11 Carl WorthFix typo.
2009-06-10 Carl WorthAdd i965 and intel tags to the technical blog
2009-06-10 Carl WorthAdd new post on driver stability
2009-06-10 Carl WorthAdd new intel tag
2009-04-22 Carl WorthLink to new rock climbing page from top-leve page.
2009-04-22 Carl WorthAdd writeup of Smith Rock trip from April 2009
2009-02-20 Carl WorthReword the abstract of lca_2009 slightly
2009-02-20 Carl WorthConvert prefix directives to new syntax.
2009-02-20 Carl WorthAdd presentation materials from LCA 2009 talk
2008-07-16 Carl WorthCorrect unfortunate typo
2008-07-15 Carl WorthCleanup up stray line from image
2008-07-15 Carl WorthAdd New Job Old Tricks post
2008-07-15 Carl WorthNote that I work for Intel now, and use cworth@cworth...
2008-07-15 Carl WorthAdd a self-link to make feedvalidator.org happy
2008-07-15 Carl WorthAdd trailing slash to dcterms namespace declaration
2008-07-15 Carl WorthAdd dcterms namespace so rss feed will validate again
2008-05-22 Carl WorthReduce headers by one level
2008-05-22 Carl WorthProtect underscores to get through stupid MarkDown
2008-05-22 Carl WorthAdd cairo tag to publish recent post
2008-05-22 Carl WorthRename file to match name used in link
2008-05-22 Carl WorthOne more fix to link now that rawhtml plugin is present
2008-05-22 Carl WorthEnable rawhtml plugin
2008-05-22 Carl WorthRemove .html extension which seems to defeat wiki-linkage
2008-05-22 Carl WorthFix spelling errors
2008-05-22 Carl WorthFix typos in links
2008-05-22 Carl WorthFix typo in title header
2008-05-22 Carl WorthAdd 'a chain of bugs' post
2008-05-22 Carl WorthFix typo that was breaking ikiwiki page generation
2008-05-22 Carl WorthUpdate feed templates from ikiwiki distribution
2008-03-13 Carl WorthAdd GTK+ Hackfest day #2 post
2008-03-13 Carl WorthAdd gtk and conferences tags
2008-03-13 Carl WorthFix typos (thanks Nancy and Richard)
2008-03-12 Carl WorthAdd blog post pointing to LCA 2008 talk
2008-03-12 Carl WorthUpdate main page (including link to new talks page)
2008-03-12 Carl WorthFix table formatting
2008-03-12 Carl WorthAdd future work paragraph
2008-03-12 Carl WorthAdd disclaimer next to HTML slides
2008-03-12 Carl WorthRemove SVG templates that were accidentally included...
2008-03-12 Carl WorthAdd talk from LCA 2008
2008-03-12 Carl WorthWarn about huge, content-free PDF file
2008-03-12 Carl WorthAdd some sub-headers
2008-03-12 Carl WorthRemove redundant title
2008-03-12 Carl WorthAdd slides from GUADEC 2007
2008-03-12 Carl WorthFix a broken link
2008-03-12 Carl WorthAdd some missing header tags
2008-03-12 Carl WorthAdd talks page
2008-02-13 Carl WorthRemove RecentChanges links which seem to have appeared...
2008-02-12 Carl WorthSynchronize with 076c9729b8e75773fdfe61befd348b5eb4ac10...
2008-02-12 Carl WorthSynchronize with 572d193ee4ae3e8793f2de513ea3ac3aea14b2...
2008-02-12 Carl WorthSynchronize with 5be8308649310ef4c6ac6088ad16472b841e3a...
2007-12-24 Carl WorthUse upstream pagetemplate plugin instead of locally...
2007-10-20 Carl WorthClarify some things pointed out by Vincent Torri
2007-10-19 Carl WorthAdd 'first look at Glucose' entry
2007-09-30 Carl WorthSynchronize with 28d905b55e34369acb3686f909b7ccbf6a8035...
2007-09-30 Carl WorthSynchronize with 8ef46e0628c7f12844485b4c292940c0ddbe50...
2007-09-28 Carl WorthAdd tag pages for i965 and git
2007-09-28 Carl WorthAdd hgbook-git post
2007-09-28 Carl WorthSynchronize with f0d4f72553cdad0e1ed9db970abb49a935ba5f...
2007-09-28 Carl WorthSynchronize with revision 9c89094a960cac02b37d530d2b3e9...
2007-09-28 Carl WorthUpdate title of hgbook-git/tour
2007-09-28 Carl WorthUpdate to revision d43fda595056cbaa704c0be939b2315204c3...
2007-09-28 Carl WorthAdd hgbook tour chapter