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Add some autofocus attributes
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2020-09-19 Carl Worthscribe: Add explicit width/height of 100% to elements...
2020-09-19 Carl WorthScore each mini glyph and render the winner for each
2020-09-19 Carl WorthPrep for stashing final scores against each mini grid
2020-09-19 Carl WorthAdd support for detecting glyph shapes
2020-07-07 Carl WorthScribe: Prep game state for detection of glyphs
2020-06-21 Carl WorthFix square to not be active if occupied
2020-06-21 Carl WorthRename local variable from "active" to "grid_active"
2020-06-20 Carl WorthFix bug where second players first move was forced...
2020-06-20 Carl WorthHighlight last move and legal mini-grids for current...
2020-06-20 Carl WorthMove definition of Scribe glyphs to an array of objects
2020-06-20 Carl WorthDon't center glyph-and-name contents vertically
2020-06-20 Carl WorthDon't waste space for glyphs that are not full height.
2020-06-20 Carl WorthAdd a reference diagram of the 19 glyphs of Scribe
2020-06-20 Carl WorthUse an array spread syntax instead of .fill(null)
2020-06-20 Carl WorthFix a couple of typos in my comments here
2020-06-07 Carl WorthDrop unused scribe/game.html
2020-06-07 Carl WorthScribe: Fix the font size to not depend on page height
2020-06-06 Carl WorthScribe: Increase font size for game elements
2020-06-06 Carl WorthAdd a button to copy the game URL for sharing and tight...
2020-06-06 Carl WorthDelay the "Connection lost" message by a second
2020-06-06 Carl WorthDrop back from fanct UTF to plain ASCII "+" and "o"
2020-06-06 Carl WorthScribe: Style the board so there are clear gaps between...
2020-06-06 Carl WorthInitial implementation of Scribe