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2020-06-06 Carl WorthAdd two buttons to allow the player to choose a team...
2020-06-06 Carl WorthAdd a new fetch_put_json
2020-06-06 Carl WorthAdd key properties to GameInfo and PlayerInfo blocks
2020-06-05 Carl WorthMakefile: Fix downloading of React javascript files
2020-06-05 Carl WorthAdd a simple player-info div
2020-06-05 Carl Worthtictactoe: Add a simple game-info div
2020-06-05 Carl WorthRename reset_state() to reset_board()
2020-06-04 Carl WorthRename several internal names from ICantReadThis to...
2020-06-04 Carl WorthRename stepNumber to step_number
2020-06-04 Carl WorthAdd an enum (or an enum-like object) for Team values
2020-06-04 Carl Worthtictactoe: Don't let the user send an illegal move
2020-06-03 Carl WorthExpect defailed error message from the server when...
2020-06-01 Carl WorthRename identifier in the "move" handler from 'square...
2020-06-01 Carl Worthtictactoe: Track API change that /move event now has...
2020-06-01 Carl Worthtictactoe: Adapt to new server event type: game-state
2020-06-01 Carl Worthempires: Rename "state" to "phase" for game phase trans...
2020-05-27 Carl Worthtictactoe: Increase the size of the board a bit
2020-05-27 Carl WorthChange styling to not put game info to the right of...
2020-05-27 Carl WorthDrop the game history interface.
2020-05-27 Carl Worthtictactoe: Implement a minimally-functional multi-playe...
2020-05-27 Carl WorthMakefile: Don't remove write permission from .js build...
2020-05-26 Carl Worthtictactoe: Put in place the standard top-level page
2020-05-26 Carl Worthtictactoe: Integrate the standard LMNO styling
2020-05-26 Carl WorthMakefile: Change permissions on generated .js files...
2020-05-26 Carl WorthCorrect various meta viewport tags
2020-05-26 Carl WorthProvide any downloaded deps/*.js files to git clone...
2020-05-26 Carl WorthTeach git to ignore tictactoe.js
2020-05-26 Carl WorthRework Makefile to force sha512 verification of downloa...
2020-05-26 Carl WorthAdd a simple tictactoe game, implemented with React
2020-05-26 Carl WorthMake the build quieter by default
2020-05-26 Carl WorthMakefile: Add support to use babel to compile React...
2020-05-26 Carl WorthExtend Makefile with "deps", "dev", and "prod" targets
2020-05-24 Carl WorthClose out li and ul tags
2020-05-24 Carl WorthFix padding calculations for intermediate widths
2020-05-24 Carl WorthAdd handling for a spectators list in addition to the...
2020-05-24 Carl Worthempires: Construct reliable paths for all game API...
2020-05-23 Carl Worthempires: Simply game for to require only a character...
2020-05-23 Kevin WorthMerge branch 'flempires-repo-merge'
2020-05-23 Kevin WorthRename flutterempires to flempires
2020-05-23 Kevin WorthPrepare directories for merge into lmno.games
2020-05-23 Kevin WorthAdd all linux files generated with flutter create .
2020-05-23 Kevin WorthMerge branch 'add-macos'
2020-05-23 Kevin WorthMerge branch 'player-list'
2020-05-23 Kevin WorthEnable network requests in mac os app
2020-05-23 Kevin WorthMerge branch 'data-models'
2020-05-23 Kevin WorthGet rid of extra FutureBuilder widgets
2020-05-23 Kevin WorthAdd all macos files generated with flutter create .
2020-05-23 Kevin WorthChange name of Android app to Empires
2020-05-23 Kevin WorthClean up some leftover hello flutter code
2020-05-23 Kevin WorthShow text if player list returns empty
2020-05-23 Kevin WorthMerge branch 'families-to-empires'
2020-05-23 Kevin WorthMake space for showing the full list of players
2020-05-23 Kevin WorthClean up indentation
2020-05-23 Kevin WorthClean up by removing some tutorial text
2020-05-23 Kevin WorthRename directory flutterfamilies to flutterempires
2020-05-23 Kevin WorthDisplay total number of players
2020-05-23 Kevin WorthAdd Expanded to fix the scrollable in a scrollable...
2020-05-23 Kevin WorthFix indentation after adding Container
2020-05-23 Kevin WorthRename "Families" to "Empires"
2020-05-23 Kevin WorthAdd fetchAllPlayers method
2020-05-23 Kevin WorthMove the FutureBuilder into the Column (does not work)
2020-05-23 Kevin WorthAdd new Container to allow for margin
2020-05-23 Kevin WorthRename application id to com.appsiom.empires
2020-05-23 Kevin WorthStop using dart:js in player.dart
2020-05-23 Kevin WorthPut back the Column in main.dart
2020-05-23 Kevin WorthAdd README.md
2020-05-23 Kevin WorthAdd method parsePlayers to player.dart
2020-05-23 Kevin WorthAdd another screenshot to the README
2020-05-23 Kevin WorthAdd screenshot to root for current progress
2020-05-23 Kevin WorthChange fetchPlayer to fetchFirstPlayer
2020-05-23 Kevin WorthUpdate screenshot for README
2020-05-23 Kevin WorthAdd some space in between TextFields for aesthetics
2020-05-23 Kevin WorthAdd initState to start the async call to fetch player
2020-05-23 Kevin WorthMake the plus button act like refresh
2020-05-23 Kevin WorthAdd label and TextField for entering the player's game...
2020-05-23 Kevin WorthAdd a FutureBuilder widget to hold a fetched player
2020-05-23 Kevin WorthRip out column and just show player list view
2020-05-23 Kevin WorthAdd TextField for entering (real) name
2020-05-23 Kevin WorthAdd class RegisteredUser with name and character attributes
2020-05-23 Kevin WorthAdd 'Empires' to homepage title
2020-05-23 Kevin WorthAdd class Player with id and name attributes
2020-05-23 Kevin WorthChange app name to 'Families Game'
2020-05-23 Kevin WorthAdd http library version 0.12.1 to pubspec.yaml
2020-05-23 Kevin WorthAdd all from `flutter create <name>`
2020-05-23 Carl Worthlmno.js: Drop the lmno_login and lmno_login_loadend...
2020-05-21 Carl WorthUse an absolute path for the events API
2020-05-21 Carl WorthUse absolute references for CSS and JS files
2020-05-21 Carl WorthAdd JavaScript handling for the recently-added login...
2020-05-21 Carl WorthAdd an "lmno_" prefix to our loadend functions
2020-05-20 Carl WorthDrop debugging statement to console.log
2020-05-19 Carl WorthActually make the top-level "join game" button work.
2020-05-19 Carl WorthFix a typo: "fot" instead of "for"
2020-05-19 Carl WorthAdd the standard viewport element
2020-05-19 Carl WorthAdd a link from the top-level page to the static page...
2020-05-19 Carl WorthAdd basic them-based styling of link colors
2020-05-19 Carl Worthempirs: Switch to using local server to handle all...
2020-05-19 Carl Worthempires: Fix references to "local" CSS and JS files
2020-05-19 Carl Worthempires: Add a top-level static page for the Empires...
2020-05-19 Carl Worthstyle: Add some padding at the bottom of any form
2020-05-19 Carl Worthstyle: Add some basic support for a bulleted list.