Disambiguate Debian notmuch package and notmuch for emacs package.
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2022-03-11 inwitAdded tip on context dependent part selection in emacs
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2022-01-06 David Bremnerupdate url for message-templ
2021-08-02 Rune Juhl JacobsenFix references to ol-notmuch, previously org-notmuch
2021-04-30 Jonas Bernoulliemacstips: Clarify mml-secure-openpgp-sign-with-sender...
2021-04-21 Tomiemacstip: convert .pdf and .docx to text, pop to buffer
2020-11-21 momoSet mml-secure-openpgp-sign-with-sender to sign messages
2019-11-07 Sean Whittonadd pointers to mailscripts
2019-09-14 Sheng YangAdd note that org-notmuch was renamed ol-notmuch
2019-07-03 Andre Bianchifix parenthesis in gnus-alias identity rules definition
2019-05-22 Leo VivierUpdate obsolete function in example
2019-04-09 Rainer GemullaUpdated documentation for verification of inline pgp...
2018-11-28 Marcel van der BoomAdd info about maildcap files, exmaple: `copiousoutput`
2018-10-27 Léo Gaspardadd r/R key swap instructions for tree-mode
2018-10-21 Léo Gaspardadd org-notmuch install instructions for NixOS
2018-04-14 Martin MichlmayrFix typos
2018-04-14 Martin MichlmayrFix typo
2018-04-13 Antoine Beauprédocument the attachment forgetness fix
2018-03-28 Damien CassouFix typo
2018-03-28 Damien CassouAdd some code to automatically encrypt a message when...
2016-10-16 Dave BarkerChange binding for my-notmuch-show-view-as-patch
2016-10-16 Dave BarkerUpdate my-notmuch-show-view-as-patch example
2016-09-10 David Bremneradd note about message-templ
2016-06-14 Daniel Kahn Gillmornotmuchmail.org and git.notmuchmail.org are both availa...
2016-04-11 Antoine Beaupréquote properly
2016-04-11 Antoine Beauprémention the builtin autocompletion
2016-01-14 Tomiemacs 24 required for some smtpmail features
2016-01-11 aguestuserFix typo in `emacstips` docs crypto section
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2015-11-02 Tomi Ollilacosmic
2015-11-02 Tomi Ollilamore indent, link fix
2015-11-02 Tomi OllilaAdd smtpmail
2015-11-02 Tomi Ollilareference notmuch_init_file now in notmuch-emacs.mdwn
2015-10-07 David Bremnerremove extra quote from emacs example
2015-08-21 Jani Nikulawhitespace fix
2015-08-21 Jani Nikulaemacs: interfacing with patchwork
2015-07-28 Michele OrrùAdd troubleshooting tip in emacstips: encrypt also...
2015-07-01 Jani Nikulasplit basics from emacstips into notmuch-emacs
2014-11-10 Danny O'BrienAdded Adrian Perez' email address completer
2014-10-13 Sebastian FischmeisterShow the defadvice to overwrite the sender address.
2014-10-12 Jani NikulaRevert "Added another way to set the from address autom...
2014-10-12 Jani Nikulaemacstips: invoking the external html viewer
2014-09-30 Maximilian Mehnertupdate documentation for akonadi address completion
2014-09-18 Sebastian Fischmeisteradded a section about helm and address completion
2014-09-11 David Bremneradd a quick tip about mailcap
2014-08-20 Vagrant CascadianAdd section on "Reading and verifying encrypted and...
2014-06-01 Tomi Ollilatrial&error take three
2014-06-01 Tomi Ollilalet's see whether ./ is enough...
2014-06-01 Tomi Ollilareference "notmuch init file" more often
2014-06-01 Tomi OllilaA missing "
2014-05-31 Tomi OllilaMention notmuch-init-file (~.emacs.d/notmuch-config...
2014-05-06 Mark Waltersemacstips: tag regions in search mode.
2014-05-06 Mark Waltersemacstips: fix english usage
2014-05-06 Mark Waltersemacstips: update tagging lisp snippets
2014-05-04 Mark Waltersemacstips: add sample code for viewing patches in diff...
2014-05-04 Mark Waltersemacstips: update to 0.18
2014-05-03 Scott Hewittadd missing ) to example code
2014-05-02 Jani Nikulaadd the logo all around
2014-03-12 Hamish DownerIncrement the number of options
2014-03-12 Hamish DownerAdd notmuch-abook to the address book section
2013-10-27 Maximilian Mehnertcorrect small akonadimailsearch script problem
2013-10-27 Maximilian Mehnertadd instructions for akonadi email address completion
2013-07-06 Tomi Ollilanottoomuch-addresses.sh in github
2013-02-19 Tomi OllilaM-x delete-trailing-whitespace ;)
2013-02-18 David Bremnerfix title of org-mode tip
2013-02-18 David Bremneradd tip setting up org-notmuch
2013-01-20 Tomi Ollilamore tabs to spaces (+ trailing whitespaces)
2013-01-20 Tomi Ollilamostly cosmics
2013-01-20 Tomi Ollilaemacstips: initial cursor position in 0.15 notmuch...
2013-01-20 Tomi Ollilaemacstips.mdwn: M-x delete-trailing-whitespace
2012-12-20 David Bremneradd tip on linking from circe to notmuch in emacs
2012-11-28 Sean Escrivaupdate section on emacs FCC/BCC to match builtin emacs...
2012-10-23 Adam Wolfe GordonAdd some emacs tips about the inbox
2012-10-02 Michael KesperMake clear what's the source of notmuch.el exiting.
2012-10-02 Michael KesperBe sure to setup notmuch first.
2012-10-01 Jani Nikulaemacs tips: cosmetic fixup
2012-10-01 Jani Nikulaemacs tip: replace tabs with spaces in subject and...
2012-09-29 Jani Nikulanotmuch-hello refresh status message
2012-09-29 Jani Nikulabouncing messages
2012-09-24 David Bremneradd quick and dirty tip for the gnus-inhibit-images...
2012-08-21 Tomi Ollilaargh, untabify
2012-08-21 Tomi OllilaAdded outcommented line
2012-06-13 Tomi Ollilatypo & one ``
2012-06-13 Tomi Ollilasome more pointers & tips for gnus-alias...
2012-06-10 Svend SorensenAdd notes on using gnus-alias with notmuch
2012-05-09 Tomi Ollilamy-notmuch.el tune & tagging with 0.13...
2012-05-08 Michal SojkaMention change from notmuch-search-tag-thread to notmuc...
2012-04-15 Jameson Graef Rollinsupdate/clean emacs tips
2012-02-26 David Bremnernote API change for tag macro hint.
2012-02-26 David Bremneradd description of "tag macros" for emacs.
2012-02-21 Jani Nikulaemacs tips: google contacts as address book via goobook
2012-02-14 Michal SojkaAdd quotes in notmuch-attach script to handle correctly...
2012-02-13 Tomi Ollilafixed "deleted" toggle order
2012-02-12 Øyvind A. HolmTypo fixes
2012-02-09 Tomi Ollilaclosing parenthesis fix
2012-02-09 Tomi Ollilatagging changes for 0.12 informed
2012-02-09 Tomi Ollilaconsisntent spacing, without tabs. looks best in all...
2012-01-14 Jani Nikulaemacstips: how to change reply to all/sender key bindings
2012-01-09 Tomi OllilaAdded nottoomuch-addresses.sh to address completion...
2011-09-01 Tomi OllilaTip how to use 'my-notmuch.el'...