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2012-11-22 José FonsecaFurther improvements to checker.
2012-11-22 José FonsecaImprove checker.
2012-11-22 José FonsecaUse 'apitrace retrace'
2012-11-20 José FonsecaSpecify rendertarget view descriptions.
2012-11-14 José FonsecaAdd new retrace apis.
2012-10-25 José FonsecaAdd a d3d10 level 9 test case.
2012-05-20 José FonsecaUpdate state workarounds.
2012-05-19 José FonsecaTest trimming.
2012-05-14 José FonsecaMake tri_glsl test robust against attribute location...
2012-05-14 José FonsecaUpdate for floating point precision changes.
2012-05-09 José FonsecaPropagate apitrace trace error codes.
2012-05-09 José FonsecaEnsure feature level 10.0 at minimum.
2012-05-09 José FonsecaAllow to build samples without apitrace source tree.
2012-05-09 José FonsecaAllow to build d3d samples independently of apitrace...
2012-05-09 José FonsecaRename hlsl d3dcommon.
2012-05-09 José FonsecaAttempt of a d3d11.1 test.
2012-05-09 José Fonsecad3d10.1 sample.
2012-05-09 José FonsecaPut HLSL shaders into their own directory.
2012-05-09 José FonsecaMake OpenGL/GLUT/GLEW optional.
2012-05-08 José Fonsecad3d11 test.
2012-05-08 José FonsecaCleanup d3d10 test.
2012-05-04 José FonsecaPrecompile d3d10 shader.
2012-05-04 José FonsecaFixup d3d10 test.
2012-05-03 José FonsecaPrototype of d3d10 sample app.
2012-05-03 José FonsecaD3D7 sample.
2012-05-03 José FonsecaD3D8 sample app.
2012-05-03 José FonsecaSimple D3D9 app.
2012-05-03 José FonsecaHandle CRLF lines in tool_driver.py
2012-04-16 José FonsecaUpdate reference for GLboolean update.
2012-03-18 José FonsecaPragmas.
2012-03-18 José FonsecaBit more work on the checker.
2012-03-17 José FonsecaAdd .gitignore.
2012-03-17 José FonsecaTest callsets.
2012-03-17 José FonsecaDump verbosely.
2012-03-17 José FonsecaMake it easier to add more tests.
2012-03-17 José FonsecaBetter code organization.
2012-03-17 José FonsecaSplit the driver code.
2012-03-11 José FonsecaBetter checking (WIP).
2012-03-11 José FonsecaMake PIL optional.
2012-03-10 José FonsecaBasic map buffer test.
2012-03-02 José FonsecaUse path to apitrace executable instead.
2012-03-02 José FonsecaUse abs paths for traces.
2012-02-15 José FonsecaAdd test for GL_EXT_debug_marker.
2011-12-14 José FonsecaFilter the difference to mitigate rasterization differe...
2011-12-12 José FonsecaMore flexible image comparison.
2011-12-12 José Fonsecaactually call adjustRefState.
2011-12-12 José FonsecaUse non-overlapping names for traces.
2011-12-12 José FonsecaUse opaque clear color.
2011-12-11 José FonsecaRely on jsondiff to strip comments.
2011-12-11 José FonsecaCheck tri state.
2011-12-11 José FonsecaTest single/double buffering.
2011-12-11 José FonsecaDon't force initial window position.
2011-12-11 José FonsecaUpdate readme.
2011-12-11 José FonsecaUpdate default state.
2011-12-09 José FonsecaAdjust for external bugs in reference state.
2011-12-09 José FonsecaUpdate for texture environment state changes.
2011-12-09 José FonsecaWindows portability fixes.
2011-12-07 José FonsecaAdd tweaks/comments to default.ref.json
2011-12-07 José FonsecaTest default state first.
2011-12-07 José FonsecaSearch images in more framebuffer attachments.
2011-12-07 José FonsecaFix the default.ref.txt.
2011-12-05 José FonsecaDetect doublebuffered visuals on Mac OS X.
2011-12-05 José FonsecaSplit default state checking into a separate test.
2011-12-04 José FonsecaRemove variable default state.
2011-12-04 José FonsecaDon't search for vg module.
2011-12-04 José FonsecaCheck against reference images/state.
2011-12-04 José FonsecaAdd forgetten reference file.
2011-12-04 José FonsecaFix typo in varray app.
2011-12-04 José FonsecaTest trace files too.
2011-12-03 José FonsecaDo a trial (e)gltrace run as part of the test.
2011-12-02 José FonsecaDistinguish better egl tests from others.
2011-12-02 José FonsecaDistinguish FF tri from GLSL tri.
2011-11-25 José FonsecaMention where test log are written.
2011-11-25 José FonsecaAutomate gles tests.
2011-11-25 José FonsecaAutomate egl_tri test.
2011-11-25 José FonsecaAdd egl apps.
2011-11-25 José FonsecaSpecify the api to trace.
2011-11-24 José FonsecaRemove the old test suite.
2011-11-09 José FonsecaInclude CMakeParseArguments.
2011-11-05 José FonsecaAdd trace with incomplete call.
2011-11-04 José FonsecaTest varray variants.
2011-11-03 José FonsecaUpdate for 'apitrace trace'
2011-11-01 José FonsecaPass args to varray. Use the same data for all methods.
2011-10-31 José Fonsecas/tracedump/apitrace dump/
2011-10-31 José FonsecaAvoid zero strides.
2011-10-31 José FonsecaTest on Windows.
2011-10-31 José FonsecagluCheckExtension does not exist on Windows.
2011-10-31 José FonsecaAvoid GLU on tests.
2011-10-31 José FonsecaAdd vertex array case.
2011-10-31 José FonsecaMore doc.
2011-10-30 José FonsecaBrief documentation.
2011-10-30 José FonsecaSet default build type to debug.
2011-10-30 José FonsecaTest for GREMEDY support.
2011-10-29 José FonsecaEnsure trace are cleaned up.
2011-10-29 José FonsecaEnsure the app terminates.
2011-10-29 José FonsecaCleanup test driver.
2011-10-27 José FonsecaBasic automation with CTest.
2011-10-16 José FonsecaStart compiling apps for regression testing.
2011-10-16 José FonsecaStart compiling traces for regression testing.
2011-06-13 José FonsecaTake snapshots with TRACE_SNAPSHOT.